“Rather than love, than money, than fame… give me truth”

A major new
thriller for 2022

Christmas 2022 will bring more than you ever wished for

ZERO RI$K begins in

The Book

Christmas 2022

The UK banking system is hit by a devastating cyber-attack, but no money is stolen.

The only clue to the attackers’ identity is a 500-year-old painting.

Their only demand?

Truth. The most valuable commodity of all…

and the most dangerous.

The Artwork

Hieronymus Bosch

The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things was painted in the early 16th century. Acquired before 1560 by King Phillip II of Spain, it now hangs with the artist’s other major works in the Museo del Prado. Small circles detailing the four last things – death, judgment, heaven and hell – surround a larger circle in which are depicted contemporary representations of gluttony, sloth, lust, pride, wrath, envy and greed. The banner texts warn of their cost. Yet all is not lost: in the pupil at the heart of the “eye of God” central roundel, the risen Christ is ever alert: Cave cave d[omin]us videt. The graphic vision of hell hints at the fantastical nature of Bosch’s most famous works.

Ⓒ FineArt / Alamy Stock Photo.

The Author

Simon Hayes

Simon grew up in West London. The first member of his family to attend university, he graduated from Trinity Hall, Cambridge with a degree in Law and made his first career in investment banking. He was a top-rated securities analyst in the UK before spending most of the 90s in Tokyo and Hong Kong, running broking businesses for two major global firms. He then became a headhunter in London, before returning to Japan, where he was the voted the country’s leading search executive. He has also lived in Boston and Las Vegas, but is now back in London where he is an executive coach and writer. He has two grown-up children.

ZERO RI$K is his first novel.


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